About Devin Nunn

Hey, everyone.  As you can probably tell by the picture above, I absolutely love my family. 

When I’m not spending every waking moment caring for and researching reptiles, spending time with them is by far my other favorite thing to do.

Just like I’ve watched my many reptiles grow since owning my first few as a child, as the oldest sibling, I’ve gotten the chance to see my other siblings grow as well and honestly, the feeling of joy that that’s brought me over the years is something that I wouldn’t ever trade for the world.

That being said, just like I’m passionate about my family, I’m also very passionate about my reptiles as well.  And because of that passion, I hope that every piece of passion-filled information that I put out there for all you reptile lovers to see sparks that same feeling in you as well.

Not only has caring for reptiles taught me unconditional love, patience, and purpose, but it’s also taught me how to apply these same attributes towards my family, friends, and hopefully to you with every single article that I’m able to help out with when visiting this haven of information that we call Reptile Jam.