How to Bond With Your Bearded Dragon (15 Fun Activities)

There’s a big misconception out there that bearded dragons don’t make for very interesting pets. Many people believe that they don’t really interact with their owners and spend most of their time just sitting in their terrarium. However, bearded dragons actually have a lot of personality and can engage in many fun activities! In this article I’ll give you some tips for how to bond with your bearded dragon.

Are bearded dragons boring pets? Absolutely not. These pets can be very interactive and engaging with their owners, and there are tons of activities that you can do with your bearded dragon to bond with it.

Learning more about bearded dragons’ personalities and the best activities to do together will help you keep your pet happy and healthy! Keep reading and check out our list of 15 activities that you and your bearded dragon will love.

How to bond with your bearded dragon – 15 fun activities

There are many entertaining activities to partake in with your bearded dragon. These pets are more active and fun than you may think! Check out our top suggestions for fun activities to do with your bearded dragon.

1. Handle Your Bearded Dragon

It’s a good idea to handle your bearded dragon for about an hour every day. This will help your pet gain trust and become comfortable with you. Be careful when handling your bearded dragon though, especially when taking your pet out of its terrarium–you don’t want to cause any injuries! You can start by setting your bearded dragon in your lap and letting it explore its surroundings.

2. Give Your Bearded Dragon a Ball

You can use a ping pong ball or small rubber ball as long as it’s large enough that your pet won’t swallow it. Although bearded dragons don’t interact with balls in the same way a dog does, they will often push the ball around and nudge it side to side. Choose a brightly colored ball to catch your bearded dragon’s attention!

3. Take Your Bearded Dragon for a Swim

This is a great way to let your pet have some fun while also getting hydrated! Most bearded dragons love to swim and play around in the water. All you’ll need is a large plastic storage bin or kiddie pool. Anything that’s more than twice the length of your pet will work.

Make sure that the temperature of the water is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit and no deeper than your pet’s elbows or knees. It’s a good idea to dechlorinate the water, and make sure not to use distilled water. Never leave your bearded dragon unattended when swimming!

4. Go for a Drive With Your Bearded Dragon

This is an activity you’ve likely never considered before! As long as your pet is on a leash and safely secured in the vehicle, taking a joyride with your bearded dragon is fun and easy. Bring along clean water and a couple of snacks, especially if you’ll be out for a few hours. You’ll also want to keep the temperature in the vehicle warm–don’t forget that your bearded dragon is cold-blooded!

5. Take Your Bearded Dragon on a Walk

It might sound strange to take a lizard on a walk, but as long as you have a specialized leash it’s a great way for both you and your pet to get some good exercise! Go to your local park, a beach, or even your backyard. Be aware of any other animals or insects in the area, and never leave your pet unattended.

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6. Rearrange Your Bearded Dragon’s Terrarium

Just like humans, bearded dragons get bored if their environment is always the same. Next time you clean your pet’s terrarium, mix up the decorations or add new climbing material. Some bearded dragon owners even recommend putting cat toys like ball circuits in your pet’s terrarium to keep them entertained. You’ll stimulate your bearded dragon’s brain and provide some variety to their life!

7. Let Your Bearded Dragon Run Around the House

Bearded dragons love to explore and find new places to lounge. They’ll have a chance to stretch their legs and get comfortable with the environment outside of their terrarium. Make sure that the temperature in your house is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If your bearded dragon falls asleep outside of their terrarium, you don’t have to move them; just cover them with a blanket to help them retain heat.

8. Switch up Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

One fun activity is to set a treat like hornworms on one side of the room, then let your pet run to it and enjoy! You can also give your bearded dragon baby food like butternut squash or peas, but you should only do this every couple of weeks as it can cause runny stool. Your pet will likely lick the baby food right from your hand!

9. Let Your Bearded Dragon Chase a Laser Beam

Laser beams aren’t just for cats! If you aim a laser pointer like this one at your bearded dragon, they’ll probably try to catch or eat it. This activity is great for mental stimulation. A laser pointer aimed at food that your bearded dragon typically won’t eat can entice them to get their nutrients!

10. Set up a Mirror for Your Bearded Dragon to Play With

Bearded dragons are very curious and will be intrigued when they see their reflection! You’ll have fun observing them as they inspect the mirror and behave as if they are in contact with another bearded dragon. However, it’s possible for your pet to become a bit aggressive towards its reflection, so it’s best to only play with the mirror for about 15 minutes at a time. This way you can make sure your bearded dragon doesn’t get too stressed.

11. Buy a Hammock for Your Bearded Dragon

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A hammock is a great toy to ward off boredom and is easy to add to most large tanks. Many bearded dragons enjoy gently swinging from side to side. A hammock is simple but adds some entertainment and variety to your pet’s life. Plus, they can use it at any time.

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12. Let Your Bearded Dragon Hunt Its Own Food

This option isn’t ideal for everyone because you need a space where you can let insects run loose. It’s extremely entertaining to watch your bearded dragon hunt like it would in the wild! Your pet is a natural hunter, but rarely (if ever) gets to exercise its instincts, so hunting insects is a very exciting activity. Do keep in mind that you shouldn’t let your bearded dragon hunt outside as the insects they catch may give them parasites.

13. Watch TV With Your Bearded Dragon

It may sound strange, but bearded dragons get a lot of stimulation from watching a TV or phone screen. This activity can be as simple as sitting with your pet while watching Netflix! One fun idea is to get an app on your phone that shows insects crawling on the screen. Your bearded dragon’s attempts to catch them will be fun to watch! Do feed your pet afterward so they don’t get too stressed from this activity.

14. Let Your Bearded Dragon Sit by the Window

Most bearded dragons are very curious creatures that love to look out the window. They especially enjoy sitting on the windowsill and basking in the warm sunlight. Letting your bearded dragon sit by the window for 10 to 15 minutes a day is beneficial and helps keep boredom at bay.

15. Use Excavator Clay to Create Caves for Your Bearded Dragon

Excavator clay is often recommended for the substrate of the terrarium, and one great reason for this is because it allows your bearded dragon to dig the way it does in the wild. This is an activity your pet can do anytime. You can also use the clay to create fun caves and other structures in your bearded dragon’s terrarium.

Bearded Dragon Personality

Bearded dragons are quirky creatures, and they engage in lots of interesting behaviors that are fun to observe. These pets have individual personalities and lots of character! Some say that bearded dragons are solitary creatures, but most bearded dragon owners report that they love attention and being held.

Overall, these pets are calm and have a relaxed demeanor. They’re a great choice for any pet owner that’s willing to put in the necessary time and effort to care for them properly. And it’s definitely not true that bearded dragons just sit around in their terrariums–if they’re given the opportunity, they love to explore and play!


We think bearded dragons are amazing pet reptiles that any owner can bond with under the right conditions. We hope this article helped you find out how to bond with your bearded dragon. Or at least put you on the right track.

There are plenty of other activities available to bearded dragons and their owners. These include swimming, going on a drive, taking a walk, building caves, playing with a laser pointer, and so much more. Keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy by doing activities like these on a regular basis!

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