Best Substrate

When picking out your substrate, you’ll want to keep safety in mind.  Some species of reptiles can live in habitats with certain types of substrates while others can’t.  So to avoid any life-threatening harm to your reptile when it comes to what type of bedding you get, it’s important to choose the right kind every time.  Now that you know that, take a look at what I think is the best for my pets

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that all the equipment and food that I use is based on the size of my tank, the size of my reptiles, and what they enjoy eating the most.  While most of the items on this list apply to any tank size and reptile, it’s best to check your setup and also take into consideration your reptiles personal needs so that you know exactly what size to get for your tank, and reptile, for the items and food that do, in fact, go by size.

Leopard Gecko Substrate

I’ve tried MANY different substrates over the years, but when it comes down to what my favorite is, this coconut fiber substrate by Zoo Med on Amazon is the absolute best, hands down.  It’s safe, therefore, causing no worries of impaction, won’t cause harm if ingested, won’t break the bank, and is suitable for many different types of reptiles

Not only that, but it’s aesthetically pleasing, which surprisingly matters to a lot of reptile owners who like a good looking tank setup, including myself. If you’re stuck between what type of substrate to get, definitely check that one out.  You won’t be disappointed